About Us

The world in the 21st century has virtually become smaller. This virtual small world has allowed people from different cultures around the globe to intermingle with each other for the purpose of business and education.Today, an increasing number of Indians are ready to excel and look beyond national boundaries in favor of growth.

Cronus Consultants was established in 2005 with the primary objective of addressing the need to provide assistance to an ever growing outflow of Indian professionals and students.

We at Cronus firmly believe that the decision to relocate to another country is not always easy and can be ridden with apprehension and anxiety of the unknown and good advice can make the difference between success and failure. Moreover, the procedures involved in it may be complicated and expensive, if not followed correctly. With Cronus as your consulting partner, your decisions are based on valuable appropriate information that assures success.

Cronus Consultants has always been considered to be aamorous and innovative establishment, which unfailingly delivers the finest services to the clients who approach them.

Jatinder Benipal the innovator and owner of this prestigious Firm, welcomes all and uses his advanced knowledge and extensive experience to dexterously guide and counsel each student, who walks through the doors of his office. One of his most rewarding qualities seems to be his ability to make each student feel important.

The success rate of Cronus Immigration & Study Consultants is an astonishing 90%. Amongst the vast and cut-throat competition in this field, amongst all the big and known names, CISC stands apart like a raging star in a cerulean night.

Over the years CISC has built up a solid reputation of being one of the most reliable educational agencies, and is well known for its successful authenticity and professionalism. Also the ability to simplify things for the students and the step-by-step process to work with students is amazingly constructed and always brings fantastic results.

The enormous variety of services CSIC provides from in-depth information about the universities / Institutions all the way to visa guidance, which has averaged at well over 90% over the last few years, always gives a strong sense of confidence and certainty to the students that they are in safe hands.

Once a student decides to work with CSIC, she/ he is initially given all the information she/he requires at that moment. The students are made aware of the Academic programs available in the country of their choice to study. They are given detailed and updated advice on every aspect of education, right from finding the right course, tuition fees, living costs, applying for a student visa as well as details on part-time employment.

Jatinder Benipal joyfully assists each student in making the right decision in selecting their desired course at an appropriate Institution, so that they can receive exactly what they came for and eventually flourish, fulfilling all aspirations and goals.