About Immigration

We at Cronus, firmly believe that immigration can be the most important decision you make in your life. Relocation to another country takes courage and the decision is ridden with fear and anxiety of the unknown. A good advice can surely make the difference between success and failure. Moreover, the procedure in itself is complicated and can be expensive, if not followed correctly. With Cronus as your consulting partner, your decisions are based on valuable pertinent information that assures success.

Cronus has made a deliberate foray into immigration consulting for four countries i.e. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK, and various business and student related visas for these countries as well as USA and a few other selected countries, for providing a wider and impartialviewpoint to our clients because each individual's goals are unique. In Cronus, you will find a consulting partner, who understands such distinctiveness and the need to address it accordingly. We believe that the first application for permanent residence should be the best and the only one you file.

Our comprehensive program is specifically designed to ensure an early, reasonable, and smooth transition into the country you intend to adopt as your new home. Our commitment to success is exemplified by our highest application success rate and sustained growth in the immigration industry. Our systems and customer relations programs are specially focused to provide timely, efficient, and excellent 'value for money' services to all our clients. Cronus' expertise and knowledge of the complex immigration process, assures success for our clients.

We will be privileged to be a part of your bright future and to assist you in the realization of your cherished dreams.